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sexmex  Pov . Kristal Bridge
Pov . Kristal Bridge

Soldier show us the way he fucked Kristal Bridge. ...

Kristal Bridge


sexmex Anal Sex . Yenifer Chacon
Anal Sex . Yenifer Chacon

Dr. Yenifer Chacón helps a man who took Viagra and has a tremendous erection. ...

Yenifer Chacon


sexmex  Pov . Lia Cooper
Pov . Lia Cooper

Colombian Lia Cooper got fucked in the kitchen. ...

Lia Cooper


sexmex Morning Sex . Salome Gil
Morning Sex . Salome Gil

Salomé Gil woke up craving cock. ...

Salome Gil


sexmex Fucking Outdoors . Yenifer Chacon
Fucking Outdoors . Yenifer Chacon

Yennifer Chacón took Soldier to walk through the woods to fuck him. ...

Yenifer Chacon


sexmex Fucking with Sheila Ortega . Sheila Ortega
Fucking with Sheila Ortega . Sheila Ortega

Sheila Ortega can't leave Colombia without first fucking the good Soldier. ...



sexmex My stepmom is my slut . Leslie Love
My stepmom is my slut . Leslie Love

I have no choice but to seek help from my stepmother. For many days I have been having wet dreams and I wake up with my bed all messed up, so I ask my stepmother to give me my allowance in advance, so I can pay a prostitute to let off some steam. My stepmother refuses to give me the money with different excuses, but what she really wants is a good rock hard cock, and I'm going to give it to her! ...

Leslie Love


sexmex Two cocks for my wife . Ceci Cortez
Two cocks for my wife . Ceci Cortez

My wife has been asking me for a long time to add another man because she wants to enjoy two cocks at the same time, but choosing the person has not been easy. We have known Peter for many years and my wife likes him, so we decided to propose to our friend to have a threesome. Sharing my wife is an idea that always made me very horny, seeing her with both cocks in her mouth at the same time, getting double penetrated and bathed in cum is the best experience of my life! ...

Ceci Cortez


sexmex My stepmom caught me masturbating . Cristina Love
My stepmom caught me masturbating . Cristina Love

Like every morning I wake up with a hard-on, and in between dreams I start to masturbate and enjoy my hard cock. Without me noticing, my stepmother sees me and instead of embarrassing me, she confronts me and asks me for cock. My stepmom wants me to fuck her. My dream comes true and I finally get to play with those big tits I've been dreaming about for years. Then I fuck her ass with my tongue, then fuck her hard, in different positions! ...

Cristina Love


sexmex My stepdaughter don't let me sleep . Sofie Laru
My stepdaughter don't let me sleep . Sofie Laru

My stepdaughter is horny 24/7, and I don't even bother getting dressed anymore. While I'm resting naked on the couch, she comes over and goes straight for my cock. How can I say no to such a fiery little slut like her? Her expert mouth makes my cock hard and then I proceed to enjoy my horny stepdaughter's tight pussy. ...

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sexmex My busty stepdaughter sucks my cock . Alaska Rod
My busty stepdaughter sucks my cock . Alaska Rod

One of the wisest pieces of advice I was given in life was to enjoy the simple things in life and that's why whenever I can, I let my stepdaughter give me a blowjob. She is learning, but she puts a lot of effort into giving me pleasure. Ending up in a 69 position is one of our favorite things to do! ...

Alaska Rod


sexmex My stepmom wakes me up . Angi Black
My stepmom wakes me up . Angi Black

Today is a really bad day. I feel discouraged because the girls at my school don't pay attention to me and I feel very depressed, to the point of not wanting to go to school. My stepmother comes in screaming to wake me up and I try to stay asleep, but she uses an infallible technique, grabbing my dick, caressing it sensually and when I want to realize, she is giving me a blowjob! It's obvious that my stepfather doesn't fuck her well, and she needs a good cock, so I fuck her hard, until I give her all my cum. ...

Angi Black


sexmex Stepdaughter fucked after pissing . Alice Sweet
Stepdaughter fucked after pissing . Alice Sweet

Watching my stepdaughter piss makes me very horny, and my little stepdaughter slut knows it. That's why she pisses on the floor of the terrace, knowing that I'm watching her. Once she finishes pissing, I come over and she gives me a blowjob to make my cock even harder. Then, she puts her pussy at my disposal and I fuck her hard under the sun warming our skins! ...

Alice Sweet


sexmex My stepdaughter wears red high heels . Sofie Laru
My stepdaughter wears red high heels . Sofie Laru

When my stepdaughter puts on her red shoes with her huge heels I know something good is going to happen. Those shoes are part of her slutty uniform, and I love to fuck her hard while she's wearing her shoes and is completely naked. My stepdaughter knows very well how to make me explode, using her pussy and her delicious mouth! ...

Sofie Laru


sexmex Latina housewife gets her pipes cleaned . Angi Black
Latina housewife gets her pipes cleaned . Angi Black

Angi Black needs a good cock since she hasn't had sex in a while. In desperation, she calls the plumber with the excuse of a leak in a pipe. Once the man is working, she starts seducing the plumber, discovering that he has a nice cock! The lucky man unclogs the mouth, pussy and ass of the horny housewife, who needed a service a long time ago! ...

Angi Black


sexmex Squirt latina queen . Cereza Rodríguez
Squirt latina queen . Cereza Rodríguez

Cereza Rodriguez's pussy is a Pandora's box. Cereza caresses herself with her favorite dildo and her pussy responds almost instantly! Then she penetrates her hot pussy and fucks herself intensely, to treat us to some huge squirts wetting herself in the middle of her orgasm! ...

Cereza Rodriguez


sexmex Stepdad fucks her stepdaughter by the ocean . Alice Sweet
Stepdad fucks her stepdaughter by the ocean . Alice Sweet

Alice loves long walks on the beach and there's a reason for that... She gets very horny when she feels the sun on her skin, and it doesn't take her long to get naked and masturbate intensely. Her stepfather always tries to accompany her, because he knows what a slut his stepdaughter is. He is always ready to give her a hard cock so that she can satisfy her craving for sex, ..... No matter where it is! ...

Alice Sweet


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New treatment with slutty latina therapist . Angi Black

When Dr. Angi Black goes a couple of days without cock, she thrives on her vulnerable patients. The doctor welcomes the patient, asks them a few random questions and determines that the treatment is a good sex session! Rafter is vulnerable and he is so self-absorbed with his problems that the treatment seems normal to him. Even when the doctor lets him stick his huge cock up her ass! ...

Angi Black


sexmex My stepdaughter gives the best blowjobs . Cereza Rodriguez
My stepdaughter gives the best blowjobs . Cereza Rodriguez

Of all the qualities my stepdaughter has, giving blowjobs is the best of them. My stepdaughter's sweet mouth is designed to give pleasure on cock, and I am the one who gets to benefit! She has a very special technique, using her dildo to stimulate my cock and balls while she licks like a sweet kitten! ...

Cereza Rodriguez


sexmex My stepdaughter sucks my cock after anal . Alaska Rod
My stepdaughter sucks my cock after anal . Alaska Rod

My stepdaughter is getting more and more slutty. Now she really enjoys sucking my cock after being fucked in the ass. Watching the cock come out of her tight hole to go straight into her delicious little mouth is quite a show! ...

Alaska Rod


sexmex Hard sex at the terrace . Sophie Logan
Hard sex at the terrace . Sophie Logan

Summer brings the chance to spend a delicious evening with your girl outdoors. And if your girl likes cock like Sophie Logan, you're in for a sex session like no other! In a place where no one sees you with the contact with nature, romance is in the air and you both get to fuck hard, no matter what! ...

Sophie Logan


sexmex Busty stepdaughter assfucked by stepdad . Cathy B
Busty stepdaughter assfucked by stepdad . Cathy B

Cathy B's huge tits make her stepfather very horny. Squeezing those tits is one of the man's biggest addictions, but at the same time, he always wanted something she never agreed to: her ass. This time, she's so horny, she lets her kinky stepdad finally stick his dick in her! ...

Cathy B


sexmex A hot date with a milf . Sophie Logan
A hot date with a milf . Sophie Logan

To know if things are going well on a date, the most important thing is body language. Sophie Logan shows Jean Pallet that she needs cock in the most direct way possible. She uses her foot to stroke Jean's cock, and then she stands up to give him an intense kiss. Without delay Sophie gives him a blowjob and then asks him to please put his cock in her pussy. A romantic date that goes more than well! ...

Sophie Logan


sexmex I caught my stepdaughter masturbating . Lisa X
I caught my stepdaughter masturbating . Lisa X

I got off work early today and as soon as I walked into my house I saw my slutty stepdaughter masturbating with her sex toys! Instead of making a scene, I decided to put my cock in her mouth. My stepdaughter's sweet mouth gave me the best blowjob of my life! Her tight throat gave me a lot of pleasure, and of course, I had to fuck her pussy hard too! ...



sexmex A quickie with my stepdaughter . Candice Demeliza
A quickie with my stepdaughter . Candice Demeliza

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Candice Demeliza


sexmex A good fuck with my stepdad . Barbara Mont
A good fuck with my stepdad . Barbara Mont

My stepmother went grocery shopping and I was left alone with my stepfather. Without wasting any time we go to the couch where my stepdad undresses me and he pleasures himself with my asshole. His tongue probes my tight little hole and then I return the favor by giving him a good blowjob. Riding my stepdad's hard cock is my passion.... I love that my stepmom does the grocery shopping every day! ...

Barbara Mont


sexmex Stress relief from my stepdaughter . Lisa X
Stress relief from my stepdaughter . Lisa X

Jean Pallet is organizing the garage because it's a mess. His mood isn't the best because he's going to waste all Sunday on it, but his attentive stepdaughter takes it upon herself to brighten his day! Lisa seduces her stepfather and soon he forgets all his problems! ...



sexmex My stepdad fucked my ass . Sirena Sweet
My stepdad fucked my ass . Sirena Sweet

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Sirena Sweet


sexmex Busty stepsister fucked outdoors threesome . Elif
Busty stepsister fucked outdoors threesome . Elif

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sexmex Voluptuous brazilian girl debut . Anny Lee
Voluptuous brazilian girl debut . Anny Lee

Anny Lee went to Barcelona looking for cocks and pussies to taste. She wants to be a porn actress and live life without limitations. Imagine, she felt limited in Brazil! Anyway, she with her huge tits and mesmerizing ass makes her debut, sucking cock like a pro, and getting a hard fuck that she will remember for a long time! ...

Anny Lee


sexmex Porn casting . Katy
Porn casting . Katy

Katy is new in the world of porn and wants to know what it's like to be a submissive slut, try different cocks and become famous for taking cock. She shows a lot of attitude and performs in a very professional manner, especially with a cock in her mouth, enjoying taking cock in a very hard way, while moaning in the most sensual way possible! ...



sexmex Porn casting . Yamileth Ramírez
Porn casting . Yamileth Ramírez

In our scene archive we found some very interesting material that we think you might like. In this case it's the porn casting of Yamileth Ramirez, a latina porn actress that we all masturbated to at one time or another! In this casting we will be able to see the horny teen tell us her story and get fucked hard by the producer. ...

Yamileth Ramìrez



sexmex Astrid Casting
Astrid Casting

Astrid had contacted us via our casting section, she told us she wanted a man that was tall Dark and Handsome to do her casting. We told her we had the man for the Job, but can she handle a large cock. She told us she loved big cocks that is why she was asking for a man that Was tall Dark and Handsome, she was hoping we had some big black cock for her latina pussy. We told her we did infact have one available. She was super excited, and she was super flexible. We just had to watch her pussy get stretched by this big black cock....

Astrid Gomez


sexmex Yoga Class
Yoga Class

Samantha Garmendia uncle decided to come over for some yoga classes because his neice was a yoga instructor. His wifes neice was so hot he could not resist the temptation to fuck her....

Samantha Garmendia


sexmex Angie Avalos Casting
Angie Avalos Casting

Angie Avalos beautiful latina from Colombia is here. I hope you guys are excited for this week we picked a special model, she is from Colombia and Colombians are known for having great bodies with large asses. Angie Avalos is from Colombia and has never been in porn before she is only 19 years old. We had to invite her to the Colombian Casting couch over at the exposed latinas film studio. Angie Avalos was excited when we meet her in the Market we told her we were looking for a new pornstar for our website, we had to ask how old she was first because she looked so young we also had to check her ID. While she showed up a little nervous, but after talking for a few minutes Angie Avalos got to open her mouth and give a fantastic blowjob with her beautiful lips. Next her legs were spread wide open to get fucked for her casting video on exposedlatinas.com. Not only that we got to finish buy putting a huge load of semen all over her face and cum inside her mouth. Her pussy was super tight and for good reason at 19 years old, this latina beauty she was full of youth, but she sure did get a mouth full of cum. This young latina teen did a great job should we invite her back to do another video?...

Angie Avalos


sexmex Virtual Sex Yessenia Hot
Virtual Sex Yessenia Hot

Yessenia Hot a beautiful young brunette latina from Ecuador is one smoking hot woman. The name says it all Yessenia Hot is Ecuadorian, and the woman in Ecuador are known for their sexy bodies and nices asses. Yessenia Hot's stepbrother gave her a Virtual head set and a sex game for her birthday because he is very perverted and thought it would be funny. Little did he know she would try it on but she wouldn't realize that he was at home with her. He saw her using the Virtual Reality headset and decided to have sex with his stepsister after all she would never realize that they were having sex because she has never used the headset before, and he had told her it is just like real life. Yessenia Hot ends up having her stepbrothers penis shoved deep inside her vagina. Not only will she be having virtual sex she will be having actual sex with her stepbrother....

Yessenia Hot


sexmex Boyfriends hot stepsister
Boyfriends hot stepsister

Tatiana Morales and Charlie are boyfriend and girlfriend. They Live in Cali Colombia. Tatiana and Charlie go to visit his step-sister they have a few too many. Things get wild Tatiana Morales and Angie Avalos kiss as a joke. Later on Charlie falls asleep at the kitchen table. Tatiana Morales and Angie Avalos are really attracted to each other and that kiss was really enjoyable for Tatiana Morales and Angie Avalos they begin making out and having things quickly wind up getting hot and steamy. These 2 hot latina lesbian honeys begin having hot sex grinding their pussies together and squirting on each other. Later on it gets even more exciting and Charlie wakes up and believes he is dreaming, and he walks in on his girlfriend and his step sister eating each others pussies. He decides to join in the fun sticking his thick colombian cock inside of both of them....

Angie Avalos, Tatiana Morales


sexmex Señorita policia
Señorita policia

Senorita Policia... It was a nice day at the park and we spotted a police officer she was sure a sexy cop. We asked her how she was, she really did look like a model, but we wanted to stick our cock deep inside her beautiful latin pussy. We offered her a job, doing some photos and some videos, she told us she just got off work and she doesn't make alot of money, we got her back to our hotel and we told her she could make some extra money then agreed upon if she was willing to do some topless photos she agreed to everything. This slutty police officer from Mexico city is sure to turn some heads she is absolutely beautiful. Watch us go from telling her she is going to take photos, to fucking her on camera....

Señorita Policia


sexmex Casting Cereza Rodriguez
Casting Cereza Rodriguez

Cereza rodriguez is a webcam model who comes to show us her curved body, her tattoos and lessons on how to give a good oral. But what a surprise, her vagina is very small and squeezes very rich....

Cereza Rodriguez


sexmex A very boring movie leds to hot threesome with my husband and his step brother . Shaira
A very boring movie leds to hot threesome with my husband and his step brother . Shaira

Shaira wants to watch a romantic movie with her boyfriend and he's not very interested. Dani arrives just in time to remind Soldier to go see a game. As much as Soldier insists, he can't convince her and the solution is for the three of them to watch the movie and then go to the game. Soldier falls asleep and Shaira rubs the cock of the astonished Dani who lets her do it. Soldier wakes up and urges Shaira to keep touching Dani's cock, starting a sensual threesome with two big cocks and a very hungry pussy! ...



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