sexmex Voluptuous brazilian girl debut . Anny Lee
Voluptuous brazilian girl debut . Anny Lee

Anny Lee went to Barcelona looking for cocks and pussies to taste. She wants to be a porn actress and live life without limitations. Imagine, she felt limited in Brazil! Anyway, she with her huge tits and mesmerizing ass makes her debut, sucking cock like a pro, and getting a hard fuck that she will remember for a long time! ...

Anny Lee


sexmex Porn casting . Katy
Porn casting . Katy

Katy is new in the world of porn and wants to know what it's like to be a submissive slut, try different cocks and become famous for taking cock. She shows a lot of attitude and performs in a very professional manner, especially with a cock in her mouth, enjoying taking cock in a very hard way, while moaning in the most sensual way possible! ...



sexmex Porn casting . Yamileth Ramírez
Porn casting . Yamileth Ramírez

In our scene archive we found some very interesting material that we think you might like. In this case it's the porn casting of Yamileth Ramirez, a latina porn actress that we all masturbated to at one time or another! In this casting we will be able to see the horny teen tell us her story and get fucked hard by the producer. ...

Yamileth Ramìrez


sexmex Latina stepdaughter squirs at porn casting . Andrea
Latina stepdaughter squirs at porn casting . Andrea

Andrea always masturbates to our videos and loves our friend Jack Black's cock, so when she contacted us for a casting, we couldn't refuse. She is a very hot latina teen and gets very horny when she gets filmed, especially if she has a cock in her mouth or pussy. Jack really enjoyed eating her tight sweet teen pussy that she has. She was so horny that the squirts kept coming throughout the scene. A scene not to be missed, with a very slutty girl. ...



sexmex Latina MILF wants to be a model . Ana Rey
Latina MILF wants to be a model . Ana Rey

Lily wants to break free and start modeling at the age of 36. She is a beautiful Latina MILF in a new city and wants to live life to the fullest. She looks shy but her eyes sparkle when the photographer offers her to make a porn video. Underneath the facade of an educated and serious woman hides a horny and submissive woman, ready to experiment sexually as much as she can! ...

Ana Rey


sexmex Latina single mom first porn casting . Kiara Colt
Latina single mom first porn casting . Kiara Colt

Today we have a gem in our catalog of porn videos. Through a friend, we meet Kiara Colt, a young 23-year-old single mom who wants to be a Latina porn star. She's a debutante, but boy, does she know how to handle a big cock with her sweet mouth. The instant she started with the blowjob she already had her pussy wet! Since we went to a motel, we didn't deprive ourselves of anything and Patrick fucked her pussy and mouth all over the room, not forgetting the jacuzzi! ...

Kiara Colt


sexmex Casting . Abby Montano
Casting . Abby Montano

This beautiful Colombian brunette is from the city of Cali. Since she became a webcam model, she loves sex and knows how to set the limits. Limits that blur when a dominant man with a huge cock squeezes her neck while he fucks her hard. She loves hardcore sex and we get to see her in action in her porn debut. Believe it or not this is this Latina porn debutante's first time!...

Abby Montano


sexmex Casting . Leela Moon
Casting . Leela Moon

Like every Latin girl, Leela Moon is hot-blooded. This beautiful 24-year-old teen is a Colombian who loves big cocks. She suck and gag with Soldier's huge cock and then rides it while sensually moaning and groaning. She likes hardcore sex, so when Soldier fucks her in doggy style and pulls her hair, she melts with pleasure. She gets so horny that she has a surprise for us almost at the end of the scene, you can't miss it! ...

Leela Moon


sexmex Casting . Erika Ramirez
Casting . Erika Ramirez

Good news for everyone! A new girl wants to enter the world of porn and comes to us to do a porn casting. This beautiful brunette Latina has the body of a goddess, with perky and appetizing tits and an overwhelming sexual appetite. After the obligatory questions, she gets down to the business of showing the world how to handle a big cock. She enjoys it even more than our porn actor! ...

Erika Ramirez


sexmex Casting . Alexa Lewis
Casting . Alexa Lewis

Alexa Lewis is a 28-year-old Latina woman who has been doing webcam shows for 5 years. Luckily, Alexa wants to enter the world of porn and we welcome her with open arms... And a huge cock that she takes care to make very hard. She shows us her skill sucking a big cock, just the way she likes it. Then Soldier certifies with the tip of his dick the inside of the lubricated pussy of this hot latina, with an ending that you can't miss! ...

Alexa Lewis


sexmex Casting . Thayana Babyy
Casting . Thayana Babyy

A new girl who wants to do porn is with us! Her name is Thayana Babyy and she is a chubby but very fiery and horny girl. She gives him a blowjob that Soldier will remember for a long time and even gives him a titjob with her big tits! She's a 19 year old Colombian but with the experience of a mature girl! She enjoys Soldier's huge cock riding it and letting him fuck her hard while squeezing her big natural tits! Natural as her talent for taking cock in her pussy! ...

Thayana Babyy


sexmex Casting . Susan Anderson
Casting . Susan Anderson

Like all girls who want to start doing porn, Susan Anderson came to our studio for a porn casting. She looks very innocent and angelical, but she is a first class slut. She is attracted to both women and men and her sexual fantasy is to have a threesome with two men including double penetration! Of course, she must first pass the porn casting and endure Soldier's huge cock. Will she make it? ...

Susan Anderson


sexmex Casting . Samy Gomez
Casting . Samy Gomez

Samy Gomez is a girl who has been wanting to get into the porn industry for a long time. She has a very hot pussy and her job as a secretary doesn't let her explore her sexuality as she needs to. Well, among other things she tells us that she has fucked in the office with a co-worker, as well as she would like to be fucked by two men at the same time. She seems to be in the mood for sex and challenges our dear Soldier to fuck her really hard to quench her thirst for sex, until she manages to swallow a good load of cum! ...

Samy Gomez


sexmex Casting . Melany Lopez
Casting . Melany Lopez

This beautiful Colombian is Melany Lopez and she has small but appetizing tits. With her sensual voice she tells us about her sexual tastes and perversions, and then she shows us how lusty and vicious she is with a big cock inside her pussy.Melany Lopez's cock sucking technique will be remembered for years to come! She shows us in the porn casting that even though she is new in the industry, we are going to hear from her again very soon! ...

Melany Lopez


sexmex Casting . Amy Amor
Casting . Amy Amor

This beautiful brunette latina is Amy Amor, and she's just starting to do porn. She contacts us for a casting and we were very happy to see those big natural tits of hers. Amy sensually masturbates while panting for cock until she gives our friend a blowjob. Then she gets fucked in various positions enjoying enormously both of them their porn experience. A new porn star is born! ...

Amy Amor


sexmex Casting . Yennifer Chacon
Casting . Yennifer Chacon

Yenifer Chacon defines herself as pansexual. She falls in love with people's personalities and of course, huge cocks. Upon seeing Soldier's big cock you can tell it was love at first sight. She chokes on the hard phallus and then gets fucked hard in different positions while Soldier drills her pussy. How beautiful is love! ...

Yenifer Chacon


sexmex Casting . Patricia Acevedo
Casting . Patricia Acevedo

Patricia Acevedo is a beautiful Colombian blonde with an ass to take pictures of all day long. She is a swinger with her partner and enjoys sex to the fullest, telling us about her adventures and preferences.Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity and Soldier has been the privileged one to fuck her hard on the couch, and receive an awesome blowjob from her, who really enjoys big cocks. Side note, Soldier gets her to enjoy an abundant squirt while moaning sweetly. ...

Patricia Acevedo


sexmex Porn Casting . Nicole Zurich
Porn Casting . Nicole Zurich

Nicole Zurich is returning to porn, and what better place to do it than on Exposed Latinas? She shows us her big tits and tells us about her sexual preferences. Then she lets the guy fuck her mouth hard while he squeezes her big and hard nipples. The view of her beautiful ass riding his cock is a real work of art. You can't miss this porn casting! ...

Nicole Zurich


sexmex Casting . Lia Ponce
Casting . Lia Ponce

Soldier has been wanting to fuck Lia Ponce for a long time but she is always busy. They finally get to meet and she falls in love with Soldier's huge cock. After the casting questions she gives him a spectacular blowjob and enjoys the huge cock going in and out of her pussy. I'm sure she regrets not coming sooner! ...

Lia Ponce


sexmex Casting. Ann Rides
Casting. Ann Rides

When we came across a Latina as beautiful and hot as Ann Rides, we were thrilled to be able to film her.This beautiful and voluptuous blonde Latina charms us with her beautiful smile and her candor. Ann Rides tells us about her webcam experience and then the action begins. She marvels at Soldier's huge cock, and gives him a blowjob that Soldier will remember for a long time. Ann Rides' beautiful Latina face looks even better with a good cock in her mouth.This beautiful and voluptuous blonde Latina charms us with her beautiful smile and her candor. Ann Rides tells us about her webcam experience and then the action begins. She marvels at Soldier Hugecock's huge cock, and gives him a blowjob that Soldier Hugecock will remember for a long time. Ann Rides' beautiful Latin face looks even better with a good cock in her mouth. She leaves Soldier Hugecock's cock hard as a rock and then sits on it, feeling her pussy filled all over. Soldier Hugecock fucks Ann Rides' Latin pussy really viciously, and she loves being a very slutty Latina with him. She is even surprised with the amount of cum she gets on her body when Soldier Hugecock can't hold out any longer and ejaculates abundantly. A blonde Latina satisfied with her cock ration! ...

Ann Rides


sexmex Katha Dawson
Katha Dawson

Sexy Colombian brunette comes to audition to be a porn actress, this slim girl not only has enough beauty to succeed in porn, she also has the skills, she is good at swallowing cock in her mouth and pussy....

Katha Dawson


sexmex Couple Casting
Couple Casting

Ojitos and Aztlan do casting for Exposedlatinas, eyes on a young and slim 19-year-old porn actress, Aztlan is a 33-year-old Mexican male, they both show us how horny they are...

Ojitos Brujos


sexmex Casting . Roxana Caputo
Casting . Roxana Caputo

We always get requests for MILFs and whenever we find one willing to be filmed while getting fucked, we don't hesitate to bring them to you. Roxana Caputo loves big cocks and Soldier Hugecock provides just that. After a varied casting, she gets to enjoy our friend's big cock, and then she gets mercilessly drilled for a long time! ...

Roxana Caputo


sexmex Casting

Kimberly is a beautiful chubby girl with big tits and a very big ass, but don't be fooled by that sweet look, her ass has an insatiable hunger for cock....

Kimberly Gomez


sexmex Casting . Angela Jimenez
Casting . Angela Jimenez

This pretty Colombian teen is Angela Jimenez and she is determined to work doing porn so she can start her own business. She's up for anything, especially when it comes to sucking cock and getting fucked hard to do it. She loves Soldier Hugecock's huge cock and enjoys every inch that goes in and out of her wet pussy, making her porn debut off to a great start! ...

Angela Jimenez


sexmex Casting . Andreina Star
Casting . Andreina Star

Do you like women with a lot of meat? Andreina will undoubtedly love it, she has a great ass and rich tits, all big, brunette Colombian MILF comes to eat cock and cum at casting....

Andreina Star


sexmex Casting . Min Galilea
Casting . Min Galilea

Min Galilea is a well-known web cammer who wants to dabble in porn. She has very good chemistry during the interview with Soldier Hugecock, where she tells him that she prefers anal sex because she has a very tight pussy. She is surprised to see the size of Soldier's cock, but she lets him fuck her pussy hard anyway, making her scream with pleasure, almost as if she was losing her virginity all over again! ...

Min Galilea


sexmex Casting . Martina Rossi
Casting . Martina Rossi

Martina Rossi is a beautiful Colombian babe who enjoys sex to the fullest. She answers all Soldier Hugecock's questions without blushing and already very horny she gets ready to show him that she knows very well how to suck a huge cock. Then in different poses, Soldier fucks her appetizing pussy making her enjoy it like a bitch. ...

Martina Rossi


sexmex Gaby Jimenez
Gaby Jimenez

A cute, young, beautiful girl with a big smile, Gaby Jimenez, comes to do casting with us and refreshes us with her cheerful and calm attitude, she comes to show that to be sexy you don't need exaggerated poses and expressions, it's just her herself and enjoys doing porn as much as we enjoy watching her bounce on a cock. By the way, it's great to see her open those long legs 180 degrees....

Gaby Jimenez


sexmex Sara Blonde . Casting
Sara Blonde . Casting

Is it difficult for you to decide between blonde porn and latina porn? Sara blonde is a very sexy Latina with beautiful curves, full of beauty from her feet to her hair, she has colored eyes almost as beautiful as her big ass, you can't miss this young blonde eating a big cock....

Sara Blonde


sexmex Casting . Lizi Love
Casting . Lizi Love

Lizi Love is a new girl in porn, but that does not mean that she is shy, she devours the cock without scratching with teeth, she has a very rich mouth and big and round buttocks, ideal if you like girls with meat....

Lizi Love


sexmex Casting . Catalina Rodriguez
Casting . Catalina Rodriguez

Catalina is a very sexy girl with a round butt, long legs, slim and with a big smile, not only does she suck his cock very well, she also rides it very hard...

Catalina Rodriguez