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sexmex Katha Dawson
Katha Dawson

Sexy Colombian brunette comes to audition to be a porn actress, this slim girl not only has enough beauty to succeed in porn, she also has the skills, she is good at swallowing cock in her mouth and pussy....

Katha Dawson


sexmex Gaby Jimenez
Gaby Jimenez

A cute, young, beautiful girl with a big smile, Gaby Jimenez, comes to do casting with us and refreshes us with her cheerful and calm attitude, she comes to show that to be sexy you don't need exaggerated poses and expressions, it's just her herself and enjoys doing porn as much as we enjoy watching her bounce on a cock. By the way, it's great to see her open those long legs 180 degrees....

Gaby Jimenez


sexmex Fucking an american on my couch
Fucking an american on my couch

Leah black is a tall young woman with long and beautiful legs, on this occasion an American had the privilege to open them and prove how tight her pussy is, all the action takes place on the sofa of her house...

Leah Black


sexmex I need to masturbate . Ferr Lima
I need to masturbate . Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima gets very hot every day, especially on stormy days, so she plays with her fingers and her pussy, this cute young Mexican has a very nice pussy, it is delicious to hear her moan and see her finish....

Ferr Lima


sexmex Betty la Ternurita as cock nurse
Betty la Ternurita as cock nurse

Betty La Ternurita is a young and sexy nurse who is taking care of a wounded young man from the penis and other places, Betty gives her patient a blowjob to check if his penis is already healthy, and it is, Betty gets horny and fucks him , but a patient from another room joins them and makes a threesome between bandages....

Betty La Ternurita


sexmex Alicia Trece Casting
Alicia Trece Casting

Alicia Trece is one horny Colombian slut. We told her we had a red Ferrari, we were only kidding but when she saw our old red car she didn't mind, she knew exactly what we had in mind. We were going to penetrate her hot latina pussy....

Alicia Trece


sexmex Señorita policia
Señorita policia

Senorita Policia... It was a nice day at the park and we spotted a police officer she was sure a sexy cop. We asked her how she was, she really did look like a model, but we wanted to stick our cock deep inside her beautiful latin pussy. We offered her a job, doing some photos and some videos, she told us she just got off work and she doesn't make alot of money, we got her back to our hotel and we told her she could make some extra money then agreed upon if she was willing to do some topless photos she agreed to everything. This slutty police officer from Mexico city is sure to turn some heads she is absolutely beautiful. Watch us go from telling her she is going to take photos, to fucking her on camera....

Señorita Policia


sexmex Astrid Casting
Astrid Casting

Astrid had contacted us via our casting section, she told us she wanted a man that was tall Dark and Handsome to do her casting. We told her we had the man for the Job, but can she handle a large cock. She told us she loved big cocks that is why she was asking for a man that Was tall Dark and Handsome, she was hoping we had some big black cock for her latina pussy. We told her we did infact have one available. She was super excited, and she was super flexible. We just had to watch her pussy get stretched by this big black cock....

Astrid Gomez


sexmex Angie Avalos Casting
Angie Avalos Casting

Angie Avalos beautiful latina from Colombia is here. I hope you guys are excited for this week we picked a special model, she is from Colombia and Colombians are known for having great bodies with large asses. Angie Avalos is from Colombia and has never been in porn before she is only 19 years old. We had to invite her to the Colombian Casting couch over at the exposed latinas film studio. Angie Avalos was excited when we meet her in the Market we told her we were looking for a new pornstar for our website, we had to ask how old she was first because she looked so young we also had to check her ID. While she showed up a little nervous, but after talking for a few minutes Angie Avalos got to open her mouth and give a fantastic blowjob with her beautiful lips. Next her legs were spread wide open to get fucked for her casting video on Not only that we got to finish buy putting a huge load of semen all over her face and cum inside her mouth. Her pussy was super tight and for good reason at 19 years old, this latina beauty she was full of youth, but she sure did get a mouth full of cum. This young latina teen did a great job should we invite her back to do another video?...

Angie Avalos


sexmex Virtual Sex Yessenia Hot
Virtual Sex Yessenia Hot

Yessenia Hot a beautiful young brunette latina from Ecuador is one smoking hot woman. The name says it all Yessenia Hot is Ecuadorian, and the woman in Ecuador are known for their sexy bodies and nices asses. Yessenia Hot's stepbrother gave her a Virtual head set and a sex game for her birthday because he is very perverted and thought it would be funny. Little did he know she would try it on but she wouldn't realize that he was at home with her. He saw her using the Virtual Reality headset and decided to have sex with his stepsister after all she would never realize that they were having sex because she has never used the headset before, and he had told her it is just like real life. Yessenia Hot ends up having her stepbrothers penis shoved deep inside her vagina. Not only will she be having virtual sex she will be having actual sex with her stepbrother....

Yessenia Hot


sexmex Uncle Betty La Ternurita
Uncle Betty La Ternurita

Betty la Ternurita's Aunt had just remarried 2 weeks earlier, and her parents were not home, she was all alone when her new uncle came over to visit her, Lucky for him her parents weren't home, she ended up having sex and you guessed it fucking her uncle....

Betty La Ternurita


sexmex Fucking My Step-Brother
Fucking My Step-Brother

It was late at night and Luna Dimarco was sleeping her step-brother was feeling and their parent weren't home, so Mond Casanova Luna's Step-brother went in her bed while she was sleeping he started touching her, and to his suprise his step-sister was wanted to have sex with him as-well...

Luna Di Marco


sexmex Bridgette B Casting
Bridgette B Casting

Bridgette B goes up to an audition for a video, the casting agent, tells her he needs to see her do passion for a love scene, he ask her what she can bring to the table, while we all know Bridgette B, being the whore she is she pulls his penis right out of his pants, and gives him a blow job... While looks like she got the part....

Bridgette B


sexmex Casting

Penny Love is a sweet 19 year old latina Teen from Mexico City, we spotted her in the street and told her we were hiring for a position in Social Media Marketing, she told us she had some experience, so we told her to go to where we were staying little did she know that we were going to get her to have sex with us. What can we say we are a little bit sleezy. While Penny love certainly did a good Job, she got a position as pornstar, but hell she did a good job so we paid her with Cash and Jizz....

Penny Love


sexmex Brazilian Fuck Fest
Brazilian Fuck Fest

Roxy Panther is one hot peace of ass. We just had to get down to it and slide our crock right down her narrow pink snatch. This girls super tight beautiful Brazilian pussy was so fun to fuck with. We give her a 10...

Roxy Panther


sexmex Gangbanged

Roxy Panther is one sexy latina pornostar Roxy Panther she is getting fucked gangbang style by by 3 macho men. This little latina sex party happens in her hotel room and she loves taking cock in her vagina. She is getting dick from all angles and loves every minute of it. Looks like she is about to be airtight. Good girl....

Roxy Panther


sexmex 18 year old latina
18 year old latina

Beautiful 18 year old latina with pierced nipples fuck on camera for the very first time. ...

Tuesday Cross


sexmex Pretty in Purple
Pretty in Purple

Thayna Santos has such a perfect body this hot latina just wanted to show us but we wanted to do more then look we wanted to touch. Thayna Santos, likes sticking erect penis in her tight vagina....

Thayna Santos


sexmex My friend is a slut
My friend is a slut

Terry was introduced to our friend Alexandra, she's a real nymphomaniac, she doesn't really speak his language nor does she understand a word he says, this exposed latina just wants his dick inside her. Things start to get really intense and it ends with Terry squirting a huge load of cum on her....



sexmex Catching the baby-sitter masterbating
Catching the baby-sitter masterbating

Vicky Chase a beautiful latina with a nice body is watching his children, they are fast asleep, when their father comes home he walks in on the baby-sitter playing with her vagina on the couch, but does not say anything, eventually he starts flirting with her she takes off her clothes and this beautiful nanny ends up having sex with the dad....

Vicky Chase