sexmex Pleasing my stepdad's cock in the hot tub . Candice
Pleasing my stepdad's cock in the hot tub . Candice

Living in a place with a Caribbean climate has its advantages, and even more if there is a hot tub on the terrace! With my stepfather we always look for the best occasion to have a good time together. The sun on my skin, the water on my body and my stepfather's hard cock in my pussy are pleasures that make my life an endless dream! ...

Sep 01 2023

sexmex Young latina teen loves old cocks . LoonaR
Young latina teen loves old cocks . LoonaR

LoonaR is your typical teenage girl, with no worries and always looking at her phone. What very few know is that she is a very horny girl and has a preference for older men's cocks. Jean Pallet shows us just how slutty LoonaR can be, both giving blowjobs and letting the old man fuck her tight, hungry pussy! ...


Jul 26 2023

sexmex Slutty stepdaughter needs money from stepdad . Aracely Ferras
Slutty stepdaughter needs money from stepdad . Aracely Ferras

Aracely wants to go to a party with her friends, but she has no money. She goes to her stepfather, but he is very tired and can't wake up. Aracely is insistent, demanding and repetitive, but her stepfather won't give in, he just wants to sleep peacefully. Aracely knows very well how to get her stepfather's attention and starts stroking his cock. When the man wakes up and sees his stepdaughter ready for anything, he lets her do it to see how far she is capable to go. Aracely, seeing that she has a chance, dedicates herself to suck her stepfather's cock and then lets the man fuck her hard, just the way both of them like it! ...

Aracely Ferras

Jul 07 2023

sexmex Training with my stepsister . Cristina Love
Training with my stepsister . Cristina Love

Mexico is a hot country and training is sometimes complicated, because you sweat a lot. One day my stepsister asked me to help her train and it was inevitable to rub my cock against her appetizing ass. She felt my cock and kept rubbing her ass until I had one of the biggest erections of my life. It's not every day you rub your cock against your stepsister's ass. From then on, everything was a whirlwind. She undresses me and licks my cock and then gets into position to be fucked. The dream of my life was happening and my cock was very happy! Finally I could fuck my stepsister as I always wanted, and she could enjoy my big cock.... We will have to keep training! ...

Cristina Love

May 31 2023

sexmex Latina stepdaughter fucked outdoors . Candice Demeliza
Latina stepdaughter fucked outdoors . Candice Demeliza

On a beautiful summer day I am taking my stepdaughter for a ride in the car. I already know where I'm taking her, because it's a very special place where we can have a very good time together. On the way while I'm driving I can't help but rub her pussy a little and she grabs my cock. In a matter of seconds, my cock is in my horny stepdaughter's mouth giving me a lot of pleasure. Once at the place she is dazzled, a steep cliff in front of the sea where we can fuck outdoors without anyone bothering us! ...

Apr 10 2023

sexmex Cock hungry latina stepdaughter with tattoos . Barbara Mont
Cock hungry latina stepdaughter with tattoos . Barbara Mont

When we talk about cock-hungry Latinas, Barbara Mont is one of the first girls that comes to mind. Barbara is always ready to satisfy and enjoy a hard cock, and her mouth is in charge of setting the mood. Deep throat, ball licking and cock riding are her specialties and she is always ready for action! ...

Barbara Mont

Jan 02 2023

sexmex Latina MILF wants to be a model . Ana Rey
Latina MILF wants to be a model . Ana Rey

Lily wants to break free and start modeling at the age of 36. She is a beautiful Latina MILF in a new city and wants to live life to the fullest. She looks shy but her eyes sparkle when the photographer offers her to make a porn video. Underneath the facade of an educated and serious woman hides a horny and submissive woman, ready to experiment sexually as much as she can! ...

Ana Rey

Oct 14 2022

sexmex Mutual oral sex with my latina stepsister . Fernanda Love
Mutual oral sex with my latina stepsister . Fernanda Love

My Latina stepsister is constantly horny, and every time she is home alone she masturbates tirelessly. One day I come home early from work and find her with her legs spread wide open touching her pussy. I apologize to her and when I want to leave, Fernanda pulls me in and shows me her hot body. I'm not going to lie to you guys, I always masturbate thinking about her, so I don't resist her charms very much. She engages in giving me a mind-blowing blowjob, and then I return the favor by licking her pretty pussy. She gets my cum in her mouth to the last drop! ...

Fernanda Love

Jun 27 2022

sexmex Massage with happy ending . Yenifer Chacon
Massage with happy ending . Yenifer Chacon

Filip goes to a massage parlor on the recommendation of his friends. He lets the masseuse light an incense and undresses, covering his private parts with a towel. Feeling the warm oil on his skin while she gently massages his feet makes him enjoy it very much and he starts to relax. When Yenifer continues the massage on Filip's cock, he is surprised, as his friends had not mentioned anything about the happy ending. Once he understands the situation he relaxes again, while his cock gets very hard. Yenifer gives him a blowjob that shows how much she knows about sucking cock and Filip is again surprised when she invites him to fuck her. Filip definitely becomes a regular customer... one of the most regulars! ...

Yenifer Chacon

May 25 2022

sexmex I help my new boss to relieve her stress . Yenifer Chacon
I help my new boss to relieve her stress . Yenifer Chacon

Soldier applies to work as an assistant at a top-tier company and has high hopes of getting the job. The interview goes smoothly until the future boss makes it clear to him that he has to satisfy her sexually when she needs it in order to relieve the stress of a job as important as hers. Soldier at first refuses, but seeing that he's not going to get the job, he decides to lick his boss's pussy as she asks him to. Seeing that she doesn't orgasm, Soldier shoves his cock in her mouth making her choke on his huge cock and then fucks his boss's wet pussy all over the office. Soldier has the job secured, no doubt about it. ...

Yenifer Chacon

Feb 21 2022

sexmex Stepmom worried about her stepdaughter's grades . Yenifer Chacón
Stepmom worried about her stepdaughter's grades . Yenifer Chacón

Yenifer Chacón is a devoted stepmother of a teenager who is about to repeat the year. She shows up at the parents' meeting and finds a scenario she did not expect, since the teacher is inflexible. She is willing to do anything and proves to the teacher that a solution can always be found that will make everyone very happy. Yenifer discovers that the professor has a huge cock and the sacrifice she makes for her husband's daughter is more pleasurable than painful, as it doesn't take long for her to give him a blowjob and adopt all the positions that satisfy the professor, who enjoys fucking a very horny and complacent stepmother. ...

Yenifer Chacon

Oct 18 2021

sexmex Spanish redhead well fucked . Macarena Lewis
Spanish redhead well fucked . Macarena Lewis

This beautiful redhead from Barcelona is called Macarena Lewis. She looks very innocent but she confesses to us that she likes hard sex, spitting and of course hair pulling. Faced with such a situation we are left with our mouths open watching how she spits on her own tits to start masturbating intensely. She also shows us how well she knows how to suck a good cock and moans sweetly while our Spanish friend fucks her pussy hard, just the way she likes it! ...

Macarena Lewis

Oct 08 2021

sexmex Casting . Melany Lopez
Casting . Melany Lopez

This beautiful Colombian is Melany Lopez and she has small but appetizing tits. With her sensual voice she tells us about her sexual tastes and perversions, and then she shows us how lusty and vicious she is with a big cock inside her pussy.Melany Lopez's cock sucking technique will be remembered for years to come! She shows us in the porn casting that even though she is new in the industry, we are going to hear from her again very soon! ...

Melany Lopez

Sep 13 2021

sexmex Hypnotic job interview . Paulina Ruiz
Hypnotic job interview . Paulina Ruiz

Paulina Ruiz is a beautiful 21-year-old brunette Latina who is making her way through life looking for a job. She attends the interview and wears lingerie outfits as the ad demanded. The job is as a personal assistant, and she is unsuspecting about the ulterior motives of the creepy man who is going to hire her. Once she feels comfortable, the perverse employer hypnotizes her and fucks her mouth and pussy at his pleasure, putting her in different positions, leaving a copious creampie in her pussy and ejaculating a second time over her beautiful ass. The man plans to hire her and do that every day. ...

Paulina Ruiz

Aug 06 2021

sexmex Abri Russell
Abri Russell

Abril is a young and sensual girl with great charisma and a beautiful smile, she has a perfect schoolgirl body, soft and smooth skin, she is like that girl who lives near your house with whom you dream of fucking her. Come see her casting, it's gratifying to see soft new meat on the grill....

Abril Russell

Aug 02 2021

sexmex Couple Casting
Couple Casting

Ojitos and Aztlan do casting for Exposedlatinas, eyes on a young and slim 19-year-old porn actress, Aztlan is a 33-year-old Mexican male, they both show us how horny they are...

Ojitos Brujos

Jul 19 2021

sexmex My first anal
My first anal

Ceci is ready to do her first anal, so she relaxes first in a hot tub to receive the cock in her ass, but her ass is too tight and it hurts more than she expected....

Ceci Cortez

May 24 2021

sexmex I need to masturbate . Ferr Lima
I need to masturbate . Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima gets very hot every day, especially on stormy days, so she plays with her fingers and her pussy, this cute young Mexican has a very nice pussy, it is delicious to hear her moan and see her finish....

Ferr Lima

Mar 29 2021

sexmex Casting . Catalina Rodriguez
Casting . Catalina Rodriguez

Catalina is a very sexy girl with a round butt, long legs, slim and with a big smile, not only does she suck his cock very well, she also rides it very hard...

Catalina Rodriguez

Mar 15 2021

sexmex Snow White . Cecilia Cortez
Snow White . Cecilia Cortez

A cute Snow White comes to film with us, but this slim princess doesn't want an apple, she wants a big cock in her mouth and to be fucked hard....

Ceci Cortez

Mar 08 2021

sexmex fucked by a thief . Ferr Lima
fucked by a thief . Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima is at home preparing coffee when he receives a visit from a thief who gets horny when he sees her, she cannot resist his method and ends up giving a blowjob and getting fucked by the thief...

Ferr Lima

Feb 22 2021

sexmex Sex in red lingerie . Ferr Lima
Sex in red lingerie . Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima returns, this time to completely eat Patric's cock, she gives him a good blowjob and some hard bounces with her tight pussy on his friend's cock to get all the milk out of him. She leaves him drier than a cow in a clandestine dairy....

Ferr Lima

Jan 11 2021

sexmex Evangely Saenz Casting
Evangely Saenz Casting

Evangeline Saenz is a new Colombian webcam model and porn actress ready to show us her great talents and Latin beauty. Mature, beautiful tits and a toned body are the attributes that we see at the tip of this delicious iceberg....

Evangely Saenz

Jan 04 2021

sexmex Casting . Selene Martin
Casting . Selene Martin

Selene Martín is a young Venezuelan dancer who comes to try her luck and eat cock in the world of porn. Cinnamon skin, big tits, black hair, and hungry for cock, she has it all....

Selene Martin

Dec 28 2020

sexmex Anal Christmas . Ceci Cortez
Anal Christmas . Ceci Cortez

Ceci Cortez dresses as Santa to bring us three gifts, starting with an oral with a lot of saliva, a good vaginal fuck and at the end her delicious ass...

Ceci Cortez

Dec 21 2020

sexmex Nicole Stark Casting
Nicole Stark Casting

Nicole Stark is a young and sexy webcam girl who comes to teach us how horny she is and how she enjoys sucking cock and recording porn scenes....

Nicole Stark

Dec 07 2020

sexmex Convincing the cousin. Cecilia Cortez
Convincing the cousin. Cecilia Cortez

Alex visits his cousin with the excuse of picking up a backpack, but takes advantage of the fact that his aunt is not there to convince his cousin to have sex, she accepts but the cousin does not fit all of Alex's cock...

Ceci Cortez

Nov 26 2020

sexmex Pequeña Nery Casting
Pequeña Nery Casting

Little Nery is a totally new girl in the world of porn, beautiful and slim, she could not have much experience, but she loves to suck cock, moans very rich and has a lot of energy in bed....

Pequeña Nery

Oct 19 2020

sexmex Alicia Trece the return
Alicia Trece the return

After a long wait, Alicia Trece is back, prettier and tastier than ever. It shows us her delicate curves and her amazing swallowing skills....

Alicia Trece

Oct 05 2020

sexmex Betty quarantined with her stepbrother
Betty quarantined with her stepbrother

Betty and her stepbrother can not do anything because they are in quarantine, but that does not take away the horny so they fuck each other and they love it....

Betty La Ternurita

Sep 14 2020

sexmex Blowjob On The Roof Ferr Lima
Blowjob On The Roof Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima is sunbathing on the roof when Patrick Delphia surprises her and she takes advantage of the fact that they are alone to eat his cock with a blowjob...

Ferr Lima

Sep 07 2020

sexmex Betty la Ternurita visit to ginecologist
Betty la Ternurita visit to ginecologist

Betty goes to the gynecologist for a checkup, but the contact makes Betty and the doctor get hot and fuck, this causes serious problems for the doctor's job...

Betty La Ternurita

Aug 24 2020

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