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sexmex I negotiate with my latina maid . Lia Ponce
I negotiate with my latina maid . Lia Ponce

Mrs. Lucero cannot come to work and sends her stepdaughter to replace her. Lía Ponce shows up very formal, but when she changes her clothes to start cleaning, she appears with a sensual erotic outfit that makes Dani very nervous. Seeing that Lia wants to provoke him, Dani offers her money for Lia to work naked. This situation makes them both very horny and Dani decides that Lia doesn't have to clean, but that her mission today is to take good care of his huge cock. Mrs. Lucero has no idea that her stepdaughter earns much more money than her without having to clean anything! ...

Lia Ponce


sexmex Latina MILF wants to fuck with a male pornstar in his house . Ana Rey
Latina MILF wants to fuck with a male pornstar in his house . Ana Rey

Lilith finally gets the opportunity she's been waiting for. She is married and her husband loves to see her fucking with other men. She was able to get in touch with her favorite porn actor and without any shyness she meets him at his house. The young man is really impressed by the determination of the hot MILF and they both get really horny as they break the ice with a very hot conversation. Then the experienced MILF and the porn actor get down to proving that they are both awesome when it comes to fucking! ...

Ana Rey


sexmex Seducing the gay dressmaker . Salomé Gil
Seducing the gay dressmaker . Salomé Gil

The word is spreading and the friends share the information about the fashion designer with a big dick that although he is gay, he doesn't miss the opportunity to fuck a good female. Salome Gil tries on a dress and sexy lingerie and tempts the dressmaker to the limit, who, being in front of Salome's appetizing pussy, can't resist any longer and licks her pussy with dedication. Then, she gives him a good blowjob, making his big cock very hard, ready to be enjoyed in different ways!...

Salome Gil


sexmex Landlord fucks horny latina tenant . Jennifer Lopez
Landlord fucks horny latina tenant . Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is behind on her rent again and her landlord is no longer accepting excuses. She tries to explain her problems, but he demands the money. When the landlord offers to pay the debt with sex, she refuses, but hearing the threat of being evicted of the house, she stops him and grabs his cock, making it very hard. The landlord is happy to have such a responsible tenant! ...

Jennifer Lopez


sexmex My horny stepsister . Ann Rides
My horny stepsister . Ann Rides

Beautiful Ann Rides needs money and her stepbrother is not willing to lend her any. Seeing that she's not going to get any money from him, she decides to make erotic videos and photos to sell on the internet. Her stepbrother realizing this tries to talk her out of it, but can't help but get a huge boner at the sight of his step-sister's whore showing her pussy. She even offers him money to help her, and the stepbrother's will gives in to the temptation of being able to fuck his horny stepsister. ...

Ann Rides


sexmex Step daughters sharing secret club . Nicole García and Renata love
Step daughters sharing secret club . Nicole García and Renata love

Things are happening in Guadalajara that no one knows about. A group of men meet every week to share their stepdaughters! This week it's Elias' turn and his stepdaughters Nicole and Renata are in charge of emptying the balls of 4 men thirsty for sex and lust. The girls don't rest until the men run dry! ...

Nicole García, Renata Love


sexmex Una estrella del porno renace . Jordan Perry
Una estrella del porno renace . Jordan Perry

Jordan Perry is a beautiful woman with a notorious past. She is a full-blooded porn star and after 10 years she felt it was time to go back to being fucked by different cocks every day. Of course, we wanted to be there for her comeback, so our Spanish friend meets her to welcome her back in the porn industry in the best way. She may have been off-camera, but she remembers very well how a cock should be treated. She deep throats and gets fucked hard in various positions. To prove that she's serious about her comeback, she goes out naked on the balcony and asks to be fucked outdoors, hoping to be seen by some curious neighbors! ...

Jordan Perry


sexmex Busty Colombian getting fucked by spanish guy . Jaina
Busty Colombian getting fucked by spanish guy . Jaina

Jaina is a hot Colombian babe with a pair of tits that hypnotizes the first unsuspecting person who sees them. She fantasizes about being fucked by many men and getting double penetrated. That's this beautiful Latina's way of breaking the ice! She masturbates intensely with her vibrator while pinching her big tits. Then already very horny, she gives him a blowjob and lets our Spanish friend enjoy her hot pussy! ...



sexmex Hypnotic job interview . Paulina Ruiz
Hypnotic job interview . Paulina Ruiz

Paulina Ruiz is a beautiful 21-year-old brunette Latina who is making her way through life looking for a job. She attends the interview and wears lingerie outfits as the ad demanded. The job is as a personal assistant, and she is unsuspecting about the ulterior motives of the creepy man who is going to hire her. Once she feels comfortable, the perverse employer hypnotizes her and fucks her mouth and pussy at his pleasure, putting her in different positions, leaving a copious creampie in her pussy and ejaculating a second time over her beautiful ass. The man plans to hire her and do that every day. ...

Paulina Ruiz


sexmex Accidental creampie . Leah Black
Accidental creampie . Leah Black

Leah Black made her boyfriend angry during a wedding accident, so she uses her tongue skills to please him, she gives him a great blowjob and a cock riding, with that big ass and tight pussy no one can last angry long , but in the end Alex comes inside Leah and that makes her very angry....

Leah Black


sexmex Casting . Linda
Casting . Linda

Linda is a sexy Colombian MILF who wants to venture into the world of porn, she has everything to be a great actress, delicious tits, a good ass and a beautiful face, but most importantly, she loves cock....



sexmex Street Whore Cereza Rodriguez
Street Whore Cereza Rodriguez

Cereza Rodriguez walks down the street and they mistake her for a whore, she does not accept to get in the car for money, but she does it for a big and thick cock...

Cereza Rodriguez


sexmex Betty la Ternurita as cock nurse
Betty la Ternurita as cock nurse

Betty La Ternurita is a young and sexy nurse who is taking care of a wounded young man from the penis and other places, Betty gives her patient a blowjob to check if his penis is already healthy, and it is, Betty gets horny and fucks him , but a patient from another room joins them and makes a threesome between bandages....

Betty La Ternurita


sexmex Casting

Penny Love is a sweet 19 year old latina Teen from Mexico City, we spotted her in the street and told her we were hiring for a position in Social Media Marketing, she told us she had some experience, so we told her to go to where we were staying little did she know that we were going to get her to have sex with us. What can we say we are a little bit sleezy. While Penny love certainly did a good Job, she got a position as pornstar, but hell she did a good job so we paid her with Cash and Jizz....

Penny Love


sexmex Bridgette B Deepthroat
Bridgette B Deepthroat

Bridgette B is one hot Latina pornstar with Blonde hair this big titted latina whore, has just gotten her boobs enlarged, and she loves how her breast feel. Bridgette B gets fucked real good on Exposed Latinas. She's told how to deepthroat a large dick, and she just keeps shoving this huge penis deep inside her throat....

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sexmex Fucking the boss
Fucking the boss

Isis Love notice the car is dirty so she begins to clean in her slutty outfit. She begins talking to the owner of the car and he says him and his wife divorced along time ago, but they have been sleeping together for a long time. His girlfriend has no idea he is fucking his ex-wife, Isis Love is such a slut she ask him if hes a big penis, she says she's wondering because she wants to know why he got his car scratched over sex, and thinks that his dick must be huge. She begins talking dirty, and begins kissing her boss things get super hot. Isis Love gives him a super sloppy blow job. Isis Love's boss then begins eating her pussy. Followed by a foot job and then he slides his erect penis into her tight pussy. This latina slut was loving every minute, having sex with her boss, after washing his car. Ends with an eruption of semen all over her big tits. This was the best tip she has gotten in a long time for cleaning a car....

Isis Love



Alexa Nicole a cute latina milf with big tits has a problem a big problem her boyfriend pawned her jewelery so she went to the pawn shop to talk to the owner, they started talking and some arrangements had to be made so she could get here jewelery back but she has to sleep with the owner of the pawn shop....

Alexa Nicole