sexmex Delivery guy seduced by lingerie model . Alisha Grey
Delivery guy seduced by lingerie model . Alisha Grey

As Dani is finishing his deliveries, he runs into Alisha, his last client of the night, and she asks him for a rather unusual favor. Alisha needs to take some photos for an erotic lingerie ad campaign, but she can't take the photos herself, so she asks Dani for help. She dresses up in lingerie and poses in front of Dani, who can't help but get horny. She notices and feels a tingling in her pussy, so she seduces him, giving him a night of intense sex that neither of them expected! ...

Alisha Grey

Nov 30 2022

sexmex Step daughters sharing secret club . Nicole García and Renata love
Step daughters sharing secret club . Nicole García and Renata love

Things are happening in Guadalajara that no one knows about. A group of men meet every week to share their stepdaughters! This week it's Elias' turn and his stepdaughters Nicole and Renata are in charge of emptying the balls of 4 men thirsty for sex and lust. The girls don't rest until the men run dry! ...

Nicole García, Renata Love

Dec 03 2021

sexmex Busty lesbians fucked in threesome. Alessandra and Adara
Busty lesbians fucked in threesome. Alessandra and Adara

These two beautiful girls get together to have a good time together. Words are superfluous when they show off their big asses and suck each other's big tits. Then they take turns to masturbate each other and eat each other's pussies, moaning sensually between kisses and caresses. Two voluptuous Latinas enjoying lesbian sex to the fullest! Once horny, both get in position to receive a good cock in their hot pussies, while they give each other oral sex, making this threesome an unforgettable experience for everyone! ...


Oct 01 2021

sexmex Frida Sante enjoys a Spanish sausage . Frida Sante
Frida Sante enjoys a Spanish sausage . Frida Sante

Frida Sante is a very horny latina. She poses for this horny Spaniard, who takes pictures of her with his cell phone while she feels her pussy getting wet. Then she sucks his cock, and lets the Spaniard fuck her pussy any way he wants. He takes his time to enjoy Frida's tight pussy. ...

Frida Sante

Aug 16 2021

sexmex Abri Russell
Abri Russell

Abril is a young and sensual girl with great charisma and a beautiful smile, she has a perfect schoolgirl body, soft and smooth skin, she is like that girl who lives near your house with whom you dream of fucking her. Come see her casting, it's gratifying to see soft new meat on the grill....

Abril Russell

Aug 02 2021

sexmex Katha Dawson
Katha Dawson

Sexy Colombian brunette comes to audition to be a porn actress, this slim girl not only has enough beauty to succeed in porn, she also has the skills, she is good at swallowing cock in her mouth and pussy....

Katha Dawson

Jul 26 2021

sexmex Couple Casting
Couple Casting

Ojitos and Aztlan do casting for Exposedlatinas, eyes on a young and slim 19-year-old porn actress, Aztlan is a 33-year-old Mexican male, they both show us how horny they are...

Ojitos Brujos

Jul 19 2021

sexmex Fucking my best friend mother
Fucking my best friend mother

Andreina is taking a bath in the shower when her son's friend arrives, her son is not in house and she is very horny, so she puts him in her room to suck his cock and fuck him before her son returns. This voluptuous Colombian MILF knows how to get all the milk out of her son's friends....

Andreina Star

Jul 12 2021

sexmex Casting

Kimberly is a beautiful chubby girl with big tits and a very big ass, but don't be fooled by that sweet look, her ass has an insatiable hunger for cock....

Kimberly Gomez

Jul 05 2021

sexmex Casting

Diana Marquez is a tanned, curly-black-haired teen with a youthful and adorable attitude, but what really matters is her beautiful, hard, round ass, a great pair of tits, and perfect brown skin....

Diana Marquez

Jun 28 2021

sexmex My aunt wants it in the ass
My aunt wants it in the ass

My aunt managed to get pregnant, but she liked my cock and now she wants me to fuck her in the ass. He found me masturbating and crawled into my bed....

Laura Rodriguez

Jun 21 2021

sexmex Casting . Andreina Star
Casting . Andreina Star

Do you like women with a lot of meat? Andreina will undoubtedly love it, she has a great ass and rich tits, all big, brunette Colombian MILF comes to eat cock and cum at casting....

Andreina Star

Jun 14 2021

sexmex Casting . Martina Rossi
Casting . Martina Rossi

Martina Rossi is a beautiful Colombian babe who enjoys sex to the fullest. She answers all Soldier Hugecock's questions without blushing and already very horny she gets ready to show him that she knows very well how to suck a huge cock. Then in different poses, Soldier fucks her appetizing pussy making her enjoy it like a bitch. ...

Martina Rossi

Jun 04 2021

sexmex My first anal
My first anal

Ceci is ready to do her first anal, so she relaxes first in a hot tub to receive the cock in her ass, but her ass is too tight and it hurts more than she expected....

Ceci Cortez

May 24 2021

sexmex Casting

Isabela is a beautiful girl with the face of an innocent angel, she is totally new in porn and in the sexual world as well, she has a big ass, beautiful legs and a little mouth that invites sin, you definitely have to see her....

Isabella Cano

May 17 2021

sexmex My aunt wants to get pregnant
My aunt wants to get pregnant

My aunt discovered that my stepmother is pregnant with me, she also wants to be pregnant, the problem is that my aunt is a family of my blood and she is married, but she has a huge ass and good tits, it is difficult to say no to give her a good fuck....

Laura Rodriguez

Apr 26 2021

sexmex Fucking an american on my couch
Fucking an american on my couch

Leah black is a tall young woman with long and beautiful legs, on this occasion an American had the privilege to open them and prove how tight her pussy is, all the action takes place on the sofa of her house...

Leah Black

Apr 12 2021

sexmex I need to masturbate . Ferr Lima
I need to masturbate . Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima gets very hot every day, especially on stormy days, so she plays with her fingers and her pussy, this cute young Mexican has a very nice pussy, it is delicious to hear her moan and see her finish....

Ferr Lima

Mar 29 2021

sexmex Accidental creampie . Leah Black
Accidental creampie . Leah Black

Leah Black made her boyfriend angry during a wedding accident, so she uses her tongue skills to please him, she gives him a great blowjob and a cock riding, with that big ass and tight pussy no one can last angry long , but in the end Alex comes inside Leah and that makes her very angry....

Leah Black

Mar 22 2021

sexmex Mila Fox . Casting
Mila Fox . Casting

Mila Fox is a young woman who is making her debut in the porn industry, not only is she a firm-skinned brunette who likes to eat cock, but when she turns her back on you, she shows you a nice surprise, a big round butt, a big ass....

Mila Fox

Mar 14 2021

sexmex Snow White . Cecilia Cortez
Snow White . Cecilia Cortez

A cute Snow White comes to film with us, but this slim princess doesn't want an apple, she wants a big cock in her mouth and to be fucked hard....

Ceci Cortez

Mar 08 2021

sexmex fucked by a thief . Ferr Lima
fucked by a thief . Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima is at home preparing coffee when he receives a visit from a thief who gets horny when he sees her, she cannot resist his method and ends up giving a blowjob and getting fucked by the thief...

Ferr Lima

Feb 22 2021

sexmex Casting . Lia Cooper
Casting . Lia Cooper

Lia Cooper is a chubby young woman full of lust, she has big curves and a beautiful butt, seeing that big ass in action is a delight, as well as her big spread legs receiving a big cock...

Lia Cooper

Feb 15 2021

sexmex Put your fist in my pussy
Put your fist in my pussy

Lilith's first fisting, she needs to take care of her ass and pussy, after a good fisting she has a big and juicy orgasm...

Lilith Lerage

Feb 14 2021

sexmex Casting . Julia Morris
Casting . Julia Morris

Julia Morris is a sexy brunette with a big juicy ass, she is a Latina who loves to eat cock with her mouth and pussy, watching her eat his cock with her pussy is delicious, if you like hot brunettes you can't miss Julia....

Julia Morris

Feb 08 2021

sexmex Laura Rodriguez . Casting
Laura Rodriguez . Casting

Mexican MILF with wide hips, big butt and big tits, comes to show us her big ass, and as she sucks cock and balls, a former lawyer is curious to explore her sexuality in a big way and enters the world of porn....

Laura Rodriguez

Feb 01 2021

sexmex Casting . Isabelita Perverty
Casting . Isabelita Perverty

Isabelita Pervert makes her debut with ExposedLatinas, she is an 18-year-old girl with an angelic face, but don't confess, she is hot as a demon inside....

Isabelita Perverty

Jan 25 2021

sexmex She loves to suck the cock
She loves to suck the cock

Lilith likes few things more than sucking a good cock, after recording with exposedlatinas she still wants to keep running, so we made another video...

Lilith Lerage

Jan 25 2021

sexmex Casting . Linda
Casting . Linda

Linda is a sexy Colombian MILF who wants to venture into the world of porn, she has everything to be a great actress, delicious tits, a good ass and a beautiful face, but most importantly, she loves cock....


Jan 18 2021

sexmex Sex in red lingerie . Ferr Lima
Sex in red lingerie . Ferr Lima

Ferr Lima returns, this time to completely eat Patric's cock, she gives him a good blowjob and some hard bounces with her tight pussy on his friend's cock to get all the milk out of him. She leaves him drier than a cow in a clandestine dairy....

Ferr Lima

Jan 11 2021

sexmex Evangely Saenz Casting
Evangely Saenz Casting

Evangeline Saenz is a new Colombian webcam model and porn actress ready to show us her great talents and Latin beauty. Mature, beautiful tits and a toned body are the attributes that we see at the tip of this delicious iceberg....

Evangely Saenz

Jan 04 2021

sexmex Casting . Selene Martin
Casting . Selene Martin

Selene Martín is a young Venezuelan dancer who comes to try her luck and eat cock in the world of porn. Cinnamon skin, big tits, black hair, and hungry for cock, she has it all....

Selene Martin

Dec 28 2020

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