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Betty La Ternurita

Avg Rating: 5.0

Don't let her looks fool you Betty La Ternurita is 18 years old she is Mexican from Mexico City and she is an amazing fuck with petite body.


Betty La Ternurita Updates

sexmex Betty quarantined with her stepbrother
Betty quarantined with her stepbrother

Betty and her stepbrother can not do anything because they are in quarantine, but that does not take away the horny so they fuck each other and they love it....

Betty La Ternurita

Sep 14 2020

sexmex Betty la Ternurita visit to ginecologist
Betty la Ternurita visit to ginecologist

Betty goes to the gynecologist for a checkup, but the contact makes Betty and the doctor get hot and fuck, this causes serious problems for the doctor's job...

Betty La Ternurita

Aug 24 2020

sexmex Betty la Ternurita Gangbang
Betty la Ternurita Gangbang

Betty wants milk and goes out to the park where she finds a guy, takes him to her room to fuck him in a threesome ...

Betty La Ternurita

Aug 03 2020

sexmex Betty la Ternurita as cock nurse
Betty la Ternurita as cock nurse

Betty La Ternurita is a young and sexy nurse who is taking care of a wounded young man from the penis and other places, Betty gives her patient a blowjob to check if his penis is already healthy, and it is, Betty gets horny and fucks him , but a patient from another room joins them and makes a threesome between bandages....

Betty La Ternurita

Jul 13 2020

sexmex Betty La Ternurita and the thief
Betty La Ternurita and the thief

A thief sleeps Betty with chemicals and uses the small, hot and thin body of Betty for lustful purposes....

Betty La Ternurita

Feb 14 2020

sexmex Playing with my little pussy.
Playing with my little pussy.

It's been a while but Betty la Ternurita has returned to the spot light we didn't have a guy around to fuck her, but we went ahead and told her we wanted to make a video Betty la Ternurita the beautiful Morena Latina from Mexico City playing with her beautiful pussy....

Betty La Ternurita

Jul 26 2019

sexmex Sex with a fan
Sex with a fan

Pregnant and horny, Betty La Ternurita and exposed latinas started a contest for valentines day, the catch we didn't tell the winner she was pregnant, but this beautiful mexican goddess definately took it to the next level with her fan from twitter....

Betty La Ternurita

Feb 15 2019

sexmex Uncle Betty La Ternurita
Uncle Betty La Ternurita

Betty la Ternurita's Aunt had just remarried 2 weeks earlier, and her parents were not home, she was all alone when her new uncle came over to visit her, Lucky for him her parents weren't home, she ended up having sex and you guessed it fucking her uncle....

Betty La Ternurita

Jan 14 2019

sexmex Lesbian Cousins
Lesbian Cousins

Luna Di Marco wakes up in the middle of the night feeling horny, she wakes up her cousin betty la ternurita and tells convices her they should do a take care of each other.Things get hot and and lesbian sex happens....

Betty La Ternurita, Luna Di Marco

Dec 26 2018

sexmex Destroyed latina Teen Pussy
Destroyed latina Teen Pussy

Dirty little stepdaughter Betty La Ternurita is busy watching porn, she has no idea her stepfather Raymond Monstercock is fast asleep on the couch next to her computer desk. Raymond wakes up to her playing with her teen pussy, and ask her what the hell she is doing does she want her Mother to know but Raymond Monstercock is turned on by his horny little step daughter and they begin to fuck Raymond Monstercock Destroys his stepdaughters tight little teen pussy. ...

Betty La Ternurita

Oct 09 2018

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